"It is incredible what you can do with the right mentor
and cheerleader behind you."

We provide coaching for heart-centered female Done For You and VA services so that they can sign their next client, gain confidence in getting visible and making an impact on the world around them, while designing a business that lights their soul on fire and enables them to live their dream life of flexibility and freedom!

Done For You Services We Work With

Social Media Managers • Web Designers • Graphic Designers • Copywriters • Online Business Managers • VA's • Branding Experts • Digital Marketers • ...and more!

We help heart-centered female done-for-you service providers fill their businesses with dreamy clients and have a massive impact!

It’s time to say, “Bye Felicia” to cookie cutter solutions, your excuses, your self-limiting beliefs, your insecurities, and the Hustle Hamster Wheel!

"Working with Lindsay is a Must"

Being a badass done-for-you ladypreneur is hard. We go through the challenges of starting, running, and killing it in our businesses while juggling and attempting to balance our life and our relationships…and our sanity. Hello, #overloadandparalysis. Ugh.

You’ve come a long way but now it’s time for fresh eyes, fresh strategies, accountability, and someone to talk through your ideas with.

You’re a busy fempreneur who is juggling a million balls but you need to reign it in, get down to business, and take action. You need clarity, steps to take, and a mindset shift in order to get shit done and stop chasing #allthethings (including your excuses!).

As a fellow shy (okay, okay…I’m introverted!) done-for-you ladypreneur, I have walked in your shoes and know how social burnout can affect your creativity, your productivity, and your efficiency. During our time together we will break down your hurdles, your blocks, and give you a clear and actionable way forward…chalk-a-block full of strategies that feel good to YOU (because you’re not a cookie so why on earth would I give you a cookie cutter solution?!). 

It’s time to start filling your business with dreamy AF clients, whether you are searching for your first client or your first $5K and beyond month…the time is NOW and it is yours.

Grab my EASY BREEZY Content Strategy that ditched my content creation overwhelm and helped me attract my dreamy AF clients in my done for you service and coaching biz!

Top 5 Reasons to

Work with Us


We Know How to Book Clients

We pride ourselves on our ability to create personalized strategies for booking out your business with dreamy clients, whether it is your first client or your fiftieth, in a way that doesn’t feel gross to you, so you can hit those consistent $5K and beyond months!


We're Creative

While we may not be the loudest in the room, we’re definitely the most creative. With our out-of-the-box thinking and the confidence to try new things, we love to get creative!


Support &

We know that you need love, support, and accountability, with a side of tough love at times, and we know just went to give it to you. We’ll support you in your growth and in overcoming what is holding you back (spoiler alert: it’s you!) while giving you a nudge when needed!


We've Walked in Your Shoes

Having built our first business solo in a world that felt like it was built for extroverts, we know firsthand that the struggle can be real. Not only are you not alone, but you can depend on us for support!


We Have Strategies

We don’t just walk the walk! Skip the years of growing pains that we experienced while building our business and use our strategies to protect your introvert energy, lean into your introvertism, and come out confident and successful AF on the other side of it.

"She pushes you to leave your comfort zone and really
wants you to achieve the things you need to."

Gilded Blooms Communications

Gilded Blooms Communications highlights the beauty in your brand and consistently attracts potential clients to you through organic and strategic marketing.

We pride ourselves on growing your brand in an organic and authentic manner, which means we won’t fudge the numbers or set your account up with bots and pods, because we know that those followers aren’t truly invested in you. Instead, we focus our marketing efforts on sussing out your target demographic and reaching them with strategic posts and information.

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