IGTV Is Here!!

IGTV Is Here!

Instagram users have been asking for longer video capabilities for a while…. And it has finally happened! In this post, we will talk about what exactly Instagram Television (a.k.a IGTV) is all about!

The History:
Since it became a Facebook owned platform, Instagram has been expanding from its image-based roots. Instagram now has a new separate app specifically for longer form videos.
IGTV is really focusing on the younger audience, and content that specifically appeals to digital native users.
As explained by Instagram:
“We’ve learned that younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators, and less time with professionals.”
According to TechCrunch, Instagram has been meeting with a wide range of online creators, in order to entice them to cross over to their new video platform. In those meetings, Instagram’s representatives have emphasized 10-minute vlogs, as opposed to extended programs.
To that end, as Instagram explains, within IGTV the creators themselves are the ‘channels’:
“In IGTV, the creators are the channels. When you follow a creator on Instagram, their IGTV channel will show up for you to watch. Anyone can be a creator – you can upload your own IGTV videos in the app, or on the web, to start your own channel.”

So, guess what? That opens the door for more creators and brands to get in on the IGTV boom. This is a MUCH different approach to long-form video content that Snapchat and Facebook have taken in the past. Keeping that in mind, there is no way for creators to monetize their IGTV efforts yet, but Instagram has stated that they are committed to helping creators monetize their efforts in the future!

So, what is it?
Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now. Also, one of my personal favorites when it comes to advertising and promoting brands.
IGTV is accessible on the home screen of your Instagram app or you can download it as a standalone app. I highly recommend using the latter. It is available on IOS & Android. It was built for vertical and full-screen use.
The videos on your feed are recommended for you, pulled from the people that you are already following, plus users who are trending.

How it works:
On your home screen, click the TV icon, it will take you to the videos recommended for you. From there you can choose which types of videos you want to watch.
It will show you your videos feed. This is where you can upload a video. Just click on the + icon and upload a video!
Another awesome feature of Instagram TV, is follower sharing! When you go live with someone else, you share followers. This means you get TWICE as much visibility, and are reaching an audience you’ve not yet reached. If you have connections with other businesses on Instagram that are complimentary to yours, reach out and get some IG TV collaboration videos set up so you can capitalize on this!
Blog Tip:
Pssssssst! Are you great at going Live on Facebook, but haven’t quite found the time create the same content on Instagram? Recycle your high-performing Facebook Live videos into IGTV and watch your follower’s skyrocket!

IGTV Video Parameters:
Videos can be up to 60 minutes long (a big jump from Instagram’s current 60-second limit)
Can be up to 3.6gb
Videos will be in MP4 format
Should be 16:9 display format.
Note that IGTV doesn’t have its own camera yet. So, when you record your videos, you have to use your built-in camera on your phone and upload it to the IGTV through your camera roll. I know this sucks, but I think it is safe to say that Instagram will eventually fix this, and probably add some filters too!
Another great thing about IGTV is that it is AD FREE! Let’s hope it stays this way…

Final Thoughts:
So the big question is, are people actually going to watch these long videos?
The younger generation is known to like shorter videos, so Instagram has a challenge on their hands: How do they guide this demographic toward longer form video?
Video content on Instagram has generated the most engagement on the platform, both through comments and likes.
So maybe Instagram’s move was based on that logic, providing more of a specific platform for influencers, encouraging them to cross over. For the influencers, this means spending more time on Instagram, users sticking around to see what they can do. There is plenty of reasons to back up why this could be so genius from the platform, but only time can provide the results!

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