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About Lindsay

Lindsay is on a mission to love up on introverted female entrepreneurs and help them see that they will be successful in their business because they are introverted, not in spite of it.

A creative spirit by nature, and a business enthusiast by upbringing,  Lindsay is a digital marketing and communications professional with experience in sales, client relationship management, brand management, research marketing, web design, digital marketing and social media management. She graduated from Thompson River University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, with a focus on English. Lindsay currently runs Gilded Blooms Communications and Socially En Pointe while also sharing her experience with her students as part of a marketing program at a local design school.

In her downtime, Lindsay thoroughly enjoys dancing around her kitchen to Disney Princess music with her two little girls and her husband (yes, he dances too!). She can often be found relaxing on the swing in her garden, whipping up cocktails with friends, or diving into popcorn with her husband. Lindsay favours “chick-lit” and “chick-flicks”, which she reads and watches with her Mom, baths filled with Lush goodies, and blasting music! With an affinity for all-things-girly, glitter, and floral, Lindsay is determined to spread positivity and happiness.

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Imposter Syndrome

As women we often play small and take up less space because we don’t believe we are worth playing big! We stay small out of fear of being judged and making other people uncomfortable…but it’s time for that to change! Learn how to say, “Bye, Felicia” to Imposter Syndrome with my tried and true strategies.


Comparison Syndrome

In a world of over-consumption it can be difficult to not fall prey to comparing yourself to everyone else on the internet…but it’s time to start judging your 1000 piece puzzle against someone else’s 1 piece of their 1000 piece puzzle! Bid adieu to Comparison Syndrome by reframing how you look at other people- I’ll tell you how!


Introversion is an Asset

There is a misconception that introverts cannot be successful in business because they are “too quiet” and “unable to network.” Introverts are successful in business BECAUSE they are introverts, not in spite of it. Find out how I adjusted my view of how being an introvert was an asset, and how you can, too!


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charitable cause

There are number of causes that are particularly close to my heart, including child and sex trafficking, homelessness, mental health, and drug addiction.

Having grown up in a suburb of Vancouver, BC, I saw a large homeless community living in the downtown East-side, and I was always compelled to hear their stories and how their lives had led them to their current situation. Unfortunately, I see so many people discard homeless people or addicts because they don’t fit the narrative that they want to believe: that these individuals have mental health struggles and/or have been victimized as children and teenagers. 

I may judge a book by its cover, but I do not judge a person by their cover, and we are all human. We  deserve to be given an opportunity to be heard, to be seen, and to be helped and supported. 

I have also seen countless young girls become victims of people they know, and people they don’t. I remember when I was in high school a girl in grade nine went missing and was later found as a prostitute. Having two little girl’s, cousins, and international students in my life, it is important to me that we show these girls love and support and build up their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence outside of a digital world in order to help protect them from predators both online and offline.


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