You're Invited to My Workshop...

Social Media for the Teenage Soul

(and her Mom)​

Here are the objectives:

Are you a not-for-profit that is overwhelmed with today’s digital climate? Are you unsure of what the point of being active on social media is for your not-for-profit? Do you feel lost when it comes to knowing what to post and when?

A lot of not-for-profits have voiced their overwhelm with what to post and when, and what the benefits of being active on social media can mean for their not-for-profit. Oftentimes people associate social media with selling, but there is a much larger opportunity for all types of businesses to inspire change and really demonstrate the impact they are having within their community, which can invite higher donations and funding. We will also discuss which social media platforms are best for you to be on, and what the purpose of social media is to a not-for-profit.

Following this workshop you will be more comfortable using social media with purpose, have an idea of what you type of content you should be posting and on which platforms, in order to reach your target demographic, showcase your work within the community, and invite more funding.

Hi, I'm Lindsay

The workshop will be hosted by myself, Lindsay Stead, the owner of a boutique digital marketing agency in Victoria, BC, and instructor of Social Media Marketing at Pacific Design Academy. I have worked with a number of businesses and brands in Canada and globally, and believe in the value of community. My boutique agency specializes in working with not-for-profits, wedding professionals, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs. Growing up, I volunteered with different organizations, but one of my fondest memories was working alongside my grandparents at Santa’s Anonymous. They, along with my parents, were an excellent example of what community is and how we have social responsibility to give back to those around us in order to help build up and create a thriving community. Prior to pivoting into my current career, I spent approximately ten years working with children and teenagers, and I am thrilled to still be able to support the initiatives that matter to, and for, our youth.

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